Friday, October 31, 2008

Aww merde, is that B. Gears I hear?
it about time that Bianchi-ridin fool sent some rap to my ear
but ain’t no accountz receivin gonna make up for her deficit, I fear
‘cause when it comes to swiftness in Battle, I’m lappin Roubaix velodrome while she barely at

The only thing hot in there is your Nelly single
in repeat mode on the discman while you try to practice that jingle
you say you like Speed Racer? Girl, you must mean Kris Kringle
but even with your 8 reindeer pullin I’ll leave you crisp, like a Pringle

I’ll take your Category 1 and crank it up to hors catégorie
climbin circles ‘round you, you won’t know whether to call me Frank or Andy
roc hoppin for truts at the top while you drag up the gradient
you drenched in sweat while me? I’m simply radiant

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