Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Yo yo yo The Dropouts, AKA Johnny Gruppo on the mic

Someone's callin' me out for some casual rhymes
But this is the holidays, it's casual times
First day on the mic was a clash of the titans
Now let's bury the hatchet, put an end to the fightin'

MC Ice y Hot, MC Britney Gears
MC Mama Doc Derailleur, listen here
I contribute a scheme, rhyme scheme and some meter
Let's make a nice ride from this wreck of a beater

Seven verses to go, let's put some things straight
I had to go blasting, straight out the gate
But I can't catch a break, that's what I get for insultin'
Tell you where I'm at, this is my introducin'

a milli a milli one-thirty-five milli spacing
call me The Dropouts but which way I be facing
track end, vertical, horizontally opening
smack them, conversion, wannabe's posing

here's the first tip, I identify targets
aerospoke, (front only), rattlecan 'artist'
riser bar, cut down, in a drop stem contradiction
say "That's a tight whip", yeah drop them some fiction

or maybe it's a deep-v, for ugly-ass trackstars
I see flop-and-chops weekly, waste of a drop bar
NJS, Keirin, from glorious Nippon
if it's a rip-off, they're gonna get ripped on

trackstanding grandstanding, pre-tentious video
everything they can do I did a year ago
any chick they would do, I did two beers ago
make that a world premiere ago, two light-years ago

Think I'm getting off track? At least I've been on it
The velodrome is my home, put down the chronic
Make turns on the banks, make bank, they can bank on it
My bike or your girl, either way I'mma crank on it

All a them punks, lookin' at trackasaurus
reckon my last trip is to visit the florist
crush competition, like a steroid cyclocrosser
hand 'em the flowers, say 'sorry bout your loss, sir'

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