Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The only pause in this battle is the menopausal bitchin
afflictin the so-called competition ‘til it’s a battle of attrition
that has me yawnin so hard it’s startin to hurt my jaws
B crabbin ‘bout claws when the only trick in her pockets is Dunkin D bear paws

applause is what we need for this cyclo emcee
insteada scrutinizin the size of Ice y’s chammy
my rhymes is as aerodynamic as my skinsuit
slicin the air, molded to my derriere – Gears, you may as well drop that mic and learn the pan flute

guts, grit, and guile – sounds like a checklist for a wannabe Flanderphile
try to feed it to the Belgians and they’ll $hit on that pile, Oude Kwaremont style
and yet your knowledge of comic book trivia leaves me agape -
MC Bruce Wayne reminds me of that kook MF Doom wearin a cape

I’m glad the Battle’s back in action –
even though my verbal punches might leave you in traction
beggin for some morphine from Mama Doc
while Ice poppin two-wheelin fools wit his Glock

and before you even think of givin me lip – just remember:
“Girl, I got pins in my hip…”

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