Tuesday, August 25, 2009

OH SNAP, it’s anotha slack attack –

ain’t it wack the way she tries in vain to fight back

Think she bad the way she tell a brotha he’s vanilla –

the only killa in this game is my magnum Chick-Fil-A

JuaqPho sounds like a Vietnamese entrĂ©e, though –

that fool droppin beats Drake style, f*ckin slow-yo

Best be renamin’ your Bianchi ‘Be Honky’, cuz –

frontin like you Ms. Officer, you sho nuff ain’t the fuzz

You straight-up flat, just like your flows –

I pop like Dr. Pepper, beckonin like a siren to all the fine hos

Yo rhymes about as tough as Counting Crows -

just to hear ‘em I’m gonna need a family pack of NoDoze

And while they fightin to see me from the back rows

you watching BET figurin out new ways to pose…

Friday, August 7, 2009

(no subject)

Get ready for a B(eat)-more beat-down
A trip to Kiddie City won't be able to turn your frown upside-down
Like the face of the carnival game clown
My water glock gonna drown your hopes with verbs and nouns

I'ma feel bad about it, tho--I hate to be a dream killa
But you gotta know when it come to rappin you as bland as that other Ice is vanilla
What? Icy Hot on the mic? I'm feeling drowsy, please, someone get me a pillow
Bad rappers sure do make for strange bedfellows...

Ain't bein mean, jus bein realistic, yo
I'm more likely to drop it low to the beats of that crazy mo-fo JuaqPho.
Some advice: turn your haters into motivators (you know, like I turn my pedals to keep my Bianchi from goin slow)
and maybe someday you'll be good enough to sweep the floors at the Apollo