Friday, January 30, 2009

Yo, what's up? B Gears back on the tour--on the mic and on the bike
headed for the podium once I drop you wannbes who think you can do what you like
Tryin to rhyme, but I say is that all you got? Flows so stiff they gotta be written by a robot?
You see me? I'm lookin' at you, Icy Hot (or yeah, I'ma say it, Icy NOT)

So listen up, it's time for you to wise up, build your thighs up

or else drop the guise--won't be no surpise to find that all your words is lies (yup)
the whole peloton be hearin your cries when my Bianchi flies by--and hey, keep your eyes up offa my prize (whassup?)
yeah, you know you like it--I see somethin's 'bout to rise up, givin' me one more way of sizin' you up

You try to say I play dirty, but you know that's laughable

You confused 'cuz you can't tell if I'm flirty or just affable
Boy, the fastest thing about you is how your head be spinning
Realizin you can't walk away from this battle even tho ain't no way you winning