Tuesday, September 16, 2008

When Queen B at the mic, the "B" stands for...

Check it: Ice say he put this battle on Pause
He think he running this show, like it's Red Light Green Light and he get to say stop or go
But B Gears pressin' Play now, Playa, and out come the claws
Scratchin' out my veloflow, I'm like mothaf*ckin Zorro, making my mark on your skinsuit--hope you can sew

Or maybe drop some dough on some new gear
Cuz the way the lycra be clinging and the seams be screaming, larger shorts are what you need
See, we ain't slow--we just fear gettin too near
you; the topographic map of your Tour de Pants is making the peloton's eyes bleed

Don't misunderstand me, I ain't mocking your size
I'm an XS, too, but not like you--I'm Xtra Sassy, Xtra Sweet, Xtra Smart, with Xtra Style
Anyone sayin they fine as me, they telling straight-up lies
And while we makin a list of extras, don't forget guts, grit, and guile

CHING, ZING, POP? Holy comic book sounds effects, Batman!
I guess I'll give you style points for tryin ta be onomotapoetic
But you won't be surprised that I'm not a fan
You're no Boy Wonder, and MC Bruce Wayne? Now that's just pathetic.

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