Monday, September 22, 2008

Why you warnin' me 'bout those pins in your hip--are you threatening to drop trou?
I hope it aint' cause you think I'll say "wow"
should I happen to catch sight of your unchammied d!&%
(Unless those pins somehow made that thing bionic...)

You wish I had Dunkin D treats in my pocket, but that's just my sweet, sweet a$$
You can get a good, long look at it when me & my Bianchi roll past
And speakin of posteriors did I rightly hear ya rhymes are related to your derriere?
Cuz I'm not so sure you wanna brag 'bout what's been comin' outta there

Namechecking Oude Kwaremont? I think someone swallowed a pretentious cyclist pill
Now I'm feeling ill--Good thing Mama D already hooked me up with some mofeen--1 pound, plus 1 refill
I'll need it all to stomach your boasting and crowing--it's like you think you Bettini
and not just some fool prancin round in your tiny white cotton semi-bikini

And please, Icy Hot, quit frontin' about your "Glock"
Admit you just Luke Warm and like listenin' to the New New Kids on the Block
While wearin a too-small, skin-tight spandex jumper
Gonna keep pretendin that you don't? Friend, you got bigger nuts than this truck's bumper:

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