Monday, December 29, 2008

This goes out to "The Dropouts"...

Aww look at shorty, tryin to get frisky
droppin names like Levi and Zabriskie
The Dropouts? That about sums it up -
droppin names and goin down in flames
frontin like they got a cameo in Budden’s Pump It Up

Go get back on ya track bike, please
I’ma teach ya how to rhyme while you dreamin ‘bout DZ
the only thing “bellow” ‘bout ya rap is the bovine nature of its flow
so step aside and suck up ya pride, ‘cause my Vitti CGs
is gonna paint you red, black and yellow

K is for Kemmel where I know I’m gonna drop ya
rap is the game where you know I’m bound to scotch ya
krap is what’s comin outcha mouth - what is this, Gotcha?
next time stay at home ‘cause MC Ice just clocked ya

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