Thursday, February 5, 2009

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Before you change my name, Ice, tell me on what facts was I mistaken?
How bout you chill wit Raj while I Rerun through the list of false claims you say I'm makin:
Robotic rhymes--check; exaggerating your skillz--check; enjoyin the view from behind--check; head spinnin faster than your cranks--check
All doubt is unreasonable, your honor, I rest my case. Who needs Gregory Peck?

Being faster to battle don't guarantee a win in the war
I'll take my time craftin my rhymes--don't need to hurry cuz I ain't an attention whore
I'm Aesop's tortoise and you his hare--while you be nappin I'll be lappin you and the crowds all be stoppin to stare
but not cuz of your speed, bub; it's just like with T-dub--they can't figure out why your ass is bare

Especially when mine is looking fine in 4-way stretch, 6 flat-stitch panels--do the math, punk
24 ways the junk in my trunk is gonna move when I lay down the funk--ain't no bunk--wog, your ship is sunk and my win in this race is a slam-dunk
Cuz when I need to be fast I can attack like The Cricket, and when I step to the mic the crowd starts to kick it
Yeah bring me any sucker--they know I'ma lick it, and if you got some other theory, well, you know where you can stick it

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