Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Blaze Battle 6.x

Gril, I'll eat yo lyrics for suppa
Ice Y make ya pee, go'n need the quicka picka uppa

thinkin you keen with words like veracity

betta eat mo beta carotene cause you lackin perspicacity

You say your hood is Woodberry? May as well and should be Mayberry

'cause not only is yo rhymes vanilla but they taste like Gayberry

left unda ya chamois pillow by the "I Heart Salt 'n Pepa" fairy

you rappin 'bout as rough as you cycle - not to mention your legs is hairy

so go grab a Bic while Ice take this fight to a higher level

that fool R. Kelly can suck my bik while I listen to your amateur drivel

I'll give you a head start of a mile while I kick back in style

My Lemond ready to take the lead when you fall to the bottom of the pile

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