Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Blaze Battle 32: Electric Boogaloo

Relax, Ice, B's back, it's a fact
but don't call it a comeback--it's a counterattack
I wasn't gone--just stalkin the sidelines, aging like a fine wine
takin my time and makin fresh rhymes

While you makin nothin but time to sit and ponder
how my absence keep makin your heart grow fonder
and this battle keep getting longer and longer
when your words keep gettin weaker, not stronger

You think I'm clockin T-dub and it's makin you sick
So you'll give me some of your rhymes--wow, neat trick
You think you Sting I see, loving somethin that I set free
Bitin my style, then offerin it back to me

Fool, you make me laugh til I pee, callin yourself a caucasoid Chuck D
You know you listenin to Kraftwerk and watchin the video for Mongoloid on tv
While sittin on your wind trainer pretendin you George Hincapie
When you barely good enough to be a domestique for this Queen B

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