Friday, October 31, 2008

Ice, I know you been eager to hear from me
but your chatterin' about the corsa just didn't inspire me
any more than your yammerin' about Yanni annoyed me
Could it be that I'm saying your re-cyclo rhyming is boring me? I think it just might be...

And hell yeah it's hot in here, thanks to me and my skillz
Playas in the peloton so scared they lawyerin up to write they wills
cuz they know I'm a cyclo killa (qu'est-ce que c'est?), be gettin up in they grills
before brushin em off like bugs as I tear up Cat 1 hills

Your slamz...your's all just so weak, like you some fluttery little pixie
You belong in Williamsburg with the white belt-wearin' hipsters on fixies
Or rollin on your roc hopper down 84 all the way to Dixie
But don't think you'll be lappin me cuz I'm fast like Speed Racer, and you useless like Trixie

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