Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I hear somethin cryin but it ain’t no bass thumpin
your Bianchi’s gonna need RockShox when my ryhmes start they bumpin
Who let the dogs out? Naw, it ain’t no bow-wowin
if I’m not mistaken it sounds like a li’l cat meowin

Step into the Blaze you get beat to the flo
the only way you win's by comin back fo mo
so go ahead wit’ yo stale-ass Cold Medina
Ice y gonna cure it with his Latino medicina

Atomic chix may be runnin crazy marathons,
preachin the 26-2 like it’s straight outta Farrakhan
but I’m faster on the cobbles than they is on the Autobahn
and like my man T-dub I be ridin without my pants on

You wanna talk split times, how ‘bout a double negative?
meanin my second two checks is even faster than the first is
don’t worry, I seen you flyin by – backwards, it seems
disappearin like Houdini you didn’t even catch my slipstream

Crushin Roubaix, drinkin Vouvray and collectin my pay
while lesser riders drownin they sorrows in a bowl o’ Frito-Lay
I wear a tophat on the mothaf*ckin podium
I got mad electrolytes, a load a sodium
best check ya facts 'cause I'm callin you Erroneum

Like silk or like butta, Cutz is smoova than the othas
if you step up to his game he’ll crack you like peanuttas
flap ya lips and you’ll step right into a ruckus
you think you got tight skills? Honey’s out, I say f*ck this.

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