Tuesday, August 25, 2009

OH SNAP, it’s anotha slack attack –

ain’t it wack the way she tries in vain to fight back

Think she bad the way she tell a brotha he’s vanilla –

the only killa in this game is my magnum Chick-Fil-A

JuaqPho sounds like a Vietnamese entrée, though –

that fool droppin beats Drake style, f*ckin slow-yo

Best be renamin’ your Bianchi ‘Be Honky’, cuz –

frontin like you Ms. Officer, you sho nuff ain’t the fuzz

You straight-up flat, just like your flows –

I pop like Dr. Pepper, beckonin like a siren to all the fine hos

Yo rhymes about as tough as Counting Crows -

just to hear ‘em I’m gonna need a family pack of NoDoze

And while they fightin to see me from the back rows

you watching BET figurin out new ways to pose…

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dag, this L'Qoleum Dynamite dude be spittin mad fresh... who told him to put them jeans on?