Thursday, May 22, 2008

Blaze Battle 2.1: Seventeen hours later, huh?

Ice, you really takin your time comin up with new rhymes
Guess you think they need to age like the bottle of fine wine
Like I be sippin with the playas who game is mad tight
Not suckas as slo on the mic as they is on the bike

In case you missed it, that means you
tho you like to holla bout yo speed
But if you as fast as you say
those vrouwen you "satisfied" prolly still have some needs

But it's all good, Ice, you just keep eatin those frites
While B Gears rides by to clarify it's MY a$$ that's generatin the heat
and inspirin the desire of every cyclin scrub I beat
On my way past your fool podium to keep tearin up the streetz

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