Thursday, May 22, 2008

Blaze Battle 2.2

Castelli? Giordana? Sheeeit, Italians... take it back to the saunas
This street smart Belgian be ridin ball$-out in his plein air pajamas
skin suit - is the technical term
slidin smoove down the street like I'm doin the worm

they call me ICE 'cause I'm chill, when I'm caliente it's HOT
I got the sabor muy grande from head to bik bok
other riders be countin my lead in hours, not seconds - they'll have to invent a new clock
to track my speed like Cadel Evans, while they tryin to hang tough like New Kids on the Block

Old skool - it's the Belgianest of preferences
I'll drop Aesop Rock like dead weight with his Nike and iPod sell-out references
there's no stoppin this fool-droppin hip-hoppin tribute to Merckx, betty -
Ice is Audi, but not without a toast to my man Eddy...

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