Thursday, May 22, 2008

Blaze Battle 2.4

Girl, don't even bother openin ya trap
Ice y will hitcha like PCP, make ya look like Devastain Dave with his Zip Zap Rap
If my bik bok had eyes all it would see is the twister
that be ridin up 'hind my wheels, makin Dorothy look like that fool from Twisted Sister

So open sesame like King Sun say
choke on my gravel-spittin dust while I pave the way
for intergalactic Belgian warfare across the pavé -
even aliens can't escape the fray I'm creatin today
(and don't even mention TW Man - you know that fool's gay)

Take a little time to appraise the situation
you ain't even in line for last place, may as well stop for a libation
but even stiff dranks won't ease the pain of your Ice-ification
my long stiff cranks'll leave ya wishin you was back wit'cha Playstation...

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