Thursday, May 22, 2008

Blaze Battle 2.5

Hate on my Italian gear if that’s what you need
But Ice, you Walloon-lovin fool, you just can’t deny my speed
I’ve hit 37.5 on my Mediterranean steed
Leavin sukaz like you behind me wonderin what happened to they lead

Your knowledge of the New Kids’ songbook ain’t really helpin’ your street cred
But maybe you’ll hear me better if I say it like Donnie Wahlberg might have said:

(Step one)
Put your xtra-small skinsuit on
(Step two)
While I roll right past you
(Step three)
And you ask How fast can she be?
(Step four)
While you admire my back door
(Step five)
I’m already at the finish line!

Now back to rhymin’
Team Atomic Lady Style
Step off my home girl Mama Doc
‘nless you wanna be up in her ER fo awhile

You droppin names like crzy
when we all know you an army of jus one
And you’ll be wishin’ all you had wuz road rash
if you don’t come correct wit some respect before we’re done

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