Thursday, May 22, 2008

Blaze Battle 2.6

I'll continue to rhyme while you ladies work on yo ménage à trois
and preen like poodles in the shadow of this Malinois

37.5? Sheeit, you must mean meters per hour

I be hittin highway speed while y'all grubbin on Martha White flour

Cornbread? More like white bread -

makes me wonder why I even got outta bed

but rather than let the lack of competition go to my head

I'll bust out Flavor Flave, just to prove old skool ain't dead

I'm lampin I'm lampin, I'm cold cold lampin

I got louies, boys - I ain't trampin

unless you count my tramp name, Jangly McSomethinSomethin

that alter ego be on foot, and still he be cleanin up you laydeez like a dustbin...

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