Friday, May 23, 2008

Blaze Battle 3.1

Collatinus? More like calamitous when you take the mic
You talk smack with bout as much sense as you ride your bike
You full of more non-sequiters than John dos Passos
Not to mention lookin like a tool in your onesie from Assos

Talkin PCP again, Ice? You need a new drug like Huey and the News did back in the day
Borrow Mama Doc's PDR, or maybe hit up T-day next time you're up Charm City way
I know enough bout history that I can roam if I want--no wings or will--on my sky blue Bianchi
But why you front like you love old Italy after tryin' to do me like Sacco and Vanzetti?

As for that lambada? That dance is as verboten as the hosen you're rockin
If that's what you thinkin bout you must like the view under these petticoats you clockin
And you the one be rollin up on a faux fairy land where things ain't what they seem
Just beware Robin Goodfella and his pansy-infused chamois cream

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