Friday, May 23, 2008

Blaze Battle 3.0

Kim Jones? PUH-lease, li'l gears -
that wack-a$$ trick ain't done jack $hit in years
bitch tried to avoid servin hard Philly time fo her crimes
axkin for transfers to Connecticut so she could while the time re-mixin White Lines

so take ya pop gangsta tripe back to the plebians, G
I' m like Collatinus and Brutus to your Tarquinius Superbus, see
if you don't know Roman history then just step off that Bianchi
'cause even with nitro you be needin PCP to keep up with Ice y

your play-actin bravado belong on stage with the thesbians
you'll be right at home with the castratos and cardboard fairy lands
as you slip into lyrical quicksand at the hands of this tight-rhymin man
doin stereomicrophone lambada round your petticoat can-can...

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