Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Blaze Battle 5.x: It is, once again, on.

Aww, quit yo whinnyin - you soundin like the Black Stallion
canterin round Hampden witcho pyrite-plated medallion
fake gold chains is about the closest you get to Italian
one more strike and you out - and that's without ya foulin

So while you be hysterically howlin like Rin Tin Tin
I shoot lyrical arrows with this mic like I'm mothaf*ckin Elfin
they can't deliver the coffins fast enough for the wack bodies I be pilin
they lined up for miles like yo smack ancestors at Ellis Island

Go get some spectacles for your myopia, B
you need not look further for the utmost quality
though I suspect a monocle would be more suited to your style
as they never even showed your face in Girls Gone Wild...

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