Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Blaze Battle 5.x: You just can't stay away, can you...

Poor Ice. Tries to act like he know thing one about B
but his smack talk lacks the facts that he needs
to make rhymes with veracity that match his tenacity
in this battle with B'more's number one cycling bettie

It's Woodberry, not Hampden, where Britney chills
To ride this filly, take 41st to Dru Hill
Hang a right before you hit the Clipper Mill pool
Or you end up all wet--lookin insteada just soundin like a fool

What else did you get wrong? Let me consult my list
Or you wanna read it yourself? Here, it's balled up inside my fist
It's my gear, not me, that was crafted in Italy
and 'fore you call out my cheap style, you best explain why you always copyin me

B hails from the land of Macduff the Thane
I shout rhymes from the tower that bears my name
Ice, it's your whack talk that's foulin you outta this game
Just turn, Malinois, turn, back from whence you came

Corrective lenses? Got 'em--you even seen 'em on me
so maybe you wanna check your own visual acuity
And you sayin' I'm too old for Girls Gone Wild? That ain't no shock to me
but it is that Ice like girls like that--sloppy drunk and underage--damn, who are you, R Kelly?

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