Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Blaze Battle 5.x

They call me Wiley like the comic cause my rhymes are the randomest
all the ladies want my jock cause they know I'm the handsomest
straight up it's round the clock, ya hear - my bik bok neva get no rest
my chainring's got mo teeth than ya mowf - suckin wind's what you do best

My puzzles leave ya befuddled?
well call me the Cryptologist
If all these betties don't get muzzled
Ice gonna need a urologist

You talk 'bout PDR - they ain't invent a drug strong enough
to control this Euro ridin knave who slay the cobbles in the buff
and if you see that granny gear ped'lin spoof called Britney
tell her she need a dictionary cause 'non-sequitir' won't win no spellin bee...

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