Tuesday, May 27, 2008

So what I'm pumpin' Nu Shooz--you think THAT'S a way to dis me?
I Can't Wait (to Rock the Mic) just like my man Spyder D
So listen up Ice, I'ma tell you what it's all about
B-Gears has got something that you can't live without

I got a new blue hoodie that says Bianchi for my bday
From Joe at Joe's Bikes who knows I roll with gear from Italy
I got Converse, too--I love new kicks--
these were hand-knit by Jules cuz she's a crafty b*tch

Now I'm all g'd up from my chapeau to the street
Fresh style to match my rhymes--you know I can't be beat
So foul and fair a day the world will never see
than when all would-be rappers bow down to B

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