Thursday, May 29, 2008

Blaze Battle 6.x

Yo Ice, didja miss me?
I'm back in black like AC/DC

I got nine lives, cat's eyes, don't act like you don't see me
crossin your path to take my place at the mic

and remind sucka cyclin' MCs to get off a they bikes

And bow down to me, put the Q to the B
cause it's plain to see that I'm a rapper supreme
and from the sky to the sea I rock the bike like a dream
Some call me Britney Gears, but you best call me Queen

It was the nature of Latifah to move on to Chicago
But don't bother reachin for the mic cause I'm already here, yo
tearin' up every gear with shifters from Shimano
ridin' so fast that drivers be callin the po-po

Queen Becktifah in the house rulin all that she see
Best get down on your knees and recognize me
Only place for Ice is on my tiara from Tiffany
Or the valve caps I rock on my Cross Wolf 700x32C

Ice, you think I can't write a hit?
You showin again that you don't know $hit
Me, I get PAID to point out where commas don't fit
My editing chops is as irresistable as my wit

You think you gettin the last word with me
then you ain't heard my words equal money

while you sittin at home in front of your teevee

hopin you can order fresh rhymes from off of QVC

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