Thursday, May 29, 2008

Blaze Battle 6.x

First of all, let me say yo rappin ain't even defensible
that clap-trappin leave me laughin as you "Say Wot" like Captain Sensible

think I'll call you in for blaze battle perjury

while they they subpoena me for my role in lyrical murder, G

Gonna take an army of lawyers to hold back this B killer

not to mention the voyeurs who watch as I spill iller

which, compared to you ain't a real tough beat
yo style so old it's classic - I may as well be listenin to Little Feat

If you don't like the Ice than take some a my heat
I got enough to melt the leatha off ya seat

'cept it ain't leather, it's vinyl

Ice be slammin the lid on this beat box, it's final

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