Friday, May 23, 2008

Blaze Battle two-point-oh, wait, I win!

You want it for real? Hardcore? You best be sure what you asking
cause I can bring it like Lil Kim Jones and her roughneck Queen Bee Sting
You picturin balls 'gainst my seat? Sounds like you got problems
But when I bring my lips to your mic, trust me boy, that'll solve 'em

You throwin down URLs--Mama Doc call it po-mo
I know it's just more of you tryin to prove your mojo's nuovo
But your flow's so old it's in the double-A-R-P
buyin prescription Viagra, collectin checks from social security

I gave props to Merckx before you, name checked my gear before you
Can you even read your own cue sheet or do you need me in front of you
so you can follow my lead while barely matchin my speed
You say we lip-syncin' Easy-E, but looks like you lip-syncin' me

Best put your Nederhop ass on your Huffy or Murray
or whatever off-brand hoopty you ridin in your quest to best me
and take your bik bok back to Flanders or Wallonia
cuz if it's just your cranks that's long n stiff, I got less time than Morris Day for ya.

Are you gettin the point, Ice? Should I keep repeatin it still?
I can rhyme like I climb to the top of Sugar Hill
where the whole Gang be sayin MY name as the winner of this battle—
Brit’s the girl who melted Ice and left him limp in his saddle.

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