Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Boy, you frontin' like we in "8 Mile" when there's 92 to go
You best grab onto your bib straps while I unleash my flow...

They call me Britney Gears, b*tch, cuz just like that 'ho
I'm rockin' no panties and got quads strong like chro-mo
I'll rhyme while I climb thanks to Campagnolo
Pullin' past the peloton ain't nothin' nuovo

If you're bein' upstaged, that's your problem, not mine
Maybe think less 'bout references that reach back in time
Cannibal, Hannibal, Manimal--so what they all rhyme
Right here, right now, it's strictly style that shines

Now I can see through your skinsuit that you're quadruple butted
Which is nice, but your weak sunblock has left you all bright red
Me, my skin is creamy like vanilla cuz I thought ahead
But your cycling style's about as tight as that "rapper" called K-fed.

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