Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Awww sheeeit...

First of all, for the rekkid, let's get it straight -
Ice don't wear no bibs, that ain't even open to debate
Bibs be belongin at Long John Silver's, where all the wheel-draggin suckas
eatin shrimp baskets 'stead a rollin wit us high-wheelers

Eminem? Girl, you insult me witcha new skool references
while this mad cyclo MD be referrin to Gray's Anatomy for terms like coccygeal and
you betta step it up if you wanna stay in this game
you just hatin on the playa while Destiny's Child be sayin my name

I push a fitty-fo ten, my legs is relaxin while you maxin
try to bust on my posterior view - I'll be bustin my XS seams all the way to the cover of GQ
the only view you gettin is of this speed demon's behind -
and for that you gonna have to git in line...

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