Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Step it up? Step it up? Boy, step to this:

Ice y Hot (or is it Jangly) you think you can serve me
But your rhymes leave me cold like the ice in my sweet tea
Most of all I'm dissapointed in your logical inconsistencies
First you dis Eminem as new skool then namecheck some off-brand neo Supremes
And Sunday I heard you claim that you don't watch too much teevee
But if someone asked I'd say that boy seem downright obsessed with Doc McDreamy

I think you misheard my word on your quad-butted action--ain't nothin shameful bout that a$$
But if I'm in line to see your behind it's cuz I had to slow down to wait for it to pass
See with my Bianchi, my Cane Creeks, my Shimano Deore XTs
For every Ride for the Feast you've done, I've done three
And churned up the mountains of Oregon, over the top, and down to the sea
And always with more style than your girl Beyonce.

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