Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ai'ight - I wasn't going to throw down, but you had to go and drag medicine into it...

Lets get it clear, Ice, you ain't no mad cyclo doctor
You talkin smack med like a straight up sucka
Get your tongue all tied up wit big words like "coccygeal"
You don't even know the coccyx is just a tail vestigial

You best step it up if you be sayin "synchondrosis"
Someone ask you what it means and you be pleadin' agnosis
Where the biz meets the seat is a "vulvar hematoma"
When I leave you in my dust its cuz you ridin' all slow-mo

Now I'm the fine-assed Doc of mighty Team Atomic
And my quads are more deadly than the plague bubonic
So don't be in my grill wit yo "Web MD"
You slow enough on wheels, don't even try for skillz like me!

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