Monday, June 30, 2008

Awww, look, Ice rhymed "first" with..."first"
Oh, I know you hate when I get semantical, but I just bet your lips is pursed
from the strain of thinking of some additional words that could be interspersed
throughout your lines, which have gone from bad to just the worst

When I'm readin 'em, I can't decide if it's my eyes or my ears that's cursed

Here I was about to regain some respect for you, but now my bubble's been burst
Naw, I know it can be hard to find words that rhyme when you're not well-versed
in your native language or when the pages of your dictionary are untraversed

Maybe you'd like my copy of The Complete MC Workbook--please, just make sure I'm reimbursed

Or hell, it would even help if you spent two minutes listenin to that a$$hole Fred Durst
Sorry if now your fragile ego needs to be nursed
But I can't see how else my low opinon of your rapping could be reversed

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