Monday, June 30, 2008

Ice struttin with the best of ‘em, child
you just jealous ‘cause he ruttin buck wild like it’s goin outta style
bok bik or bik bokkin, it don’t matta what come first
‘cept when Queen B clockin tryin to reach T’s wurst first

I will admit that that hive dwella busts a mean rhyme
and she ain’t afraid to high five this fella every once in a time
even though every stanza cuts like a knife
and I don’t mean Bryan Adams - though brotha’s hits be havin a cryogenic shelf life

even if you could go back in time, like the Summer of ‘69
ain’t no way you’d put a stop to this non-stop train of pure rappin brain, comin down the mainline
so sit back and take a lesson – maybe even give my shoes a shine
like Busy Bee ( I’m runnin thangs, every day, all the time…

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