Monday, June 2, 2008

Blaze Battle 6.x: After a rejuvenative weekend Ice is back with a fury:

Like a dog after a bone, your tongue be wig-waggin
32cc tires movin bout 32 rpm - why they call you Big Draggin
gimme a forty of Colt and I'll raise you a flagon
'cept you more interested in potions you mix while playin Dungeons and Dragons

And when it comes to beat - sound like you been samplin on a TRS-80
I'd say yo street cred's got about as much currency as Haiti
I continue to hit 'em off the turf like Arnold Palmer
while you grubbin for Meals on Wheels in Balmer

Bustin plays on words with my girl Latifah?
you think that's original you MUST be smokin reefah
I'll axe ya like this once again - why you gotta be rap burglin?
so much detritus comin outcha mouth, it look like you turd-gurglin

I know you laughin while you crappin over my rappin ability
this here MC bust moves while he cappin from sea to shinin sea
so don't expect yo editin skills to provide you with answers
to why the heat from my mic leave you Iced like the Black Panthers

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