Monday, June 2, 2008

Blaze Battle 6.x

If you call that a fury
I think you in too much of a hurry
to pat yourself on the back
for the clever way you think you rap

Only way to say it--Ice, your rhymes is wack
And don't be bustin on my Tandy from Radio Shack
when you know my candy-sweet samples keep you comin back
like Barry Manilow to Mandy or Whitney Houston to crack

Either that or you want to come here to me
and play D&D wit B and sneak peaks at the notes I make in my Mead
about the kinda speed you gonna need
to beat me when we hit the streets on our velocipedes

Which is to say more speed than you got
Yeah, I know you think you hot
with your XS skinsuit and your high-tech cue sheet microdot
But you not--you lost the plot--
granny-gearin' it thru the land that time forgot

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