Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ice, please, with all due deference
why not let B show you how to throw down a reference
as I wrap my fingers round your mic, try to maintain an air of reverence
while I take you to skool and give you your comeuppance

On the bike I can roll with the Heat and the Cold

and on the mic I leave Ice feelin heat from my bold
accusations of what seem to be mad crazy exaggerations
of his gift for composing rhythmic vocalizations

Especially in comparison to these verbal gifts I been sharing

bewitchin every listener like Samantha did Darin
while Ice busy worryin bout what skinsuit he wearing
and how his legs gonna look after he's done Nairing

Ice like to say "the Kid don't Play", right?

but you act like you battlin Simon's brain, not throwin down in a serious fight
cuz those lines you droppin fast and loose sound like MC Lightweight to my MC Lyte
The moral of this rhyme is slow your roll to keep it tight

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