Friday, June 13, 2008

You wanna write enough lines to keep up with this haus, you gonna have to take a year off
unless they suspend you for cheatin, like that molotov Alexandre Vinokourov
buildin EPO bridges between nations, he from Kazakhstan - same as Borat
and just like that bridge in Iowa that roll whether it hot or cold, I’m long and I’m strong and that’s why they call me Ice y Hot

I’m like Claude Criquielion , used to ride for Hitachi
smokin the peloton while you watch Free Willy next to your hibachi
whether they my wheels or my rhymes, my superfine lines turn on a dime, reach back to the beginning of time
while you scramble for a bit part in Do They Know Its Christmastime

you ain’t even fit to give my shoes a shine, it’s ironic
how you front with this man who may as well be bionic
I drop it harder than Joop Zootemelk, or Teun Van Vliet from Panasonic
and Joop rated higher in the record books than even Coppi and De Vlaeminck

so you best look fo anotha J-O-B - like Ice Cube in Friday, dogg
you can toss Michael’s ABCs on the “Stuff White People Like” blog
‘cause when things heat up I’m straight up Belgian, I’ll sink ya like a Wallonian bog -
and don’t mention my De Panne debacle or I’ll come back and roast ya like a Virginia hog…

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