Thursday, June 5, 2008

What, did my lines leave ya stressed?
you takin 'bout as long as a girl take to get dressed
the lack of rebuttals is gettin Ice downright depressed
and there I was, back from the weekend all refreshed

My AK-style flow meltin my mouth it so hot
unlike the M & Ms meltin in yo hand while you gotcha eye on T-Dub’s white spot
amount you feign to disdain, and complain about otha rappas’ lyrics
they oughtta call you Sir Pout-a-Lot, wettin the stage witcha hysterics

Like Run DMC I’m tougher than leather
yo bedside table rhymes be light as a feather
whiskin me off to the Land of Nod
while I get inside ya head like poor Ichabod –

that punk got chased down by a pumpkin, it’s crazy
and yet your histrionics don’t faze me
I’ll do laps round yo a$$ like you Drivin Miss Daisy,
mimin Boys II Men while you frontin like you Jay-Z...

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