Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Blaze Battle XXXVIII

I rock this beat like I’m straight outta Flandria
while you about as Belgian as the Three Days of De Panne
just like yo dates, it’s Dutch -
leavin you daydreamin ‘bout c’mittin crimes on TW’s wet banana

Aw jeez – your wack fantasies make me ill at ease
the way you go slack at the knees for those tighty whiteys
I’ll even give ya some of my rhymes if you just stop it, PLEASE
but I’ve got ten more in store for every one of your “get out free”s

Face it, you can’t even Ace of Bass it – your new line, might as well erase it
$hit - even Adam Ant could crush you like an elephant
I would respond to your last rhyme, but it so small I don’t even know where it went
so save it for the campfire, and git back in yo pup tent
(and since you don’t even own it, don’t forget to pay yo rent)

I’m climbin Mont Ventoux while you drinkin Yoo-Hoo and playin Charlie Choo Choo
what, is that a tear I see? Let Ice give you a frozen boohoo, B
there’s no denying I’m the lyrical master in this melee
deliverin verbal blows like a caucasoid Chuck D...

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