Tuesday, June 17, 2008

You don't gotta listen to my bitchin but you best step back
This kitchen we cookin in is up in MY house, jack
You the New Kid on this Team Atomic Block--remember that
I'm the Queen of this castle; you can take your trash talk out back with the rats

You got legs like Boonen? I hope not fueled by the snow he's spoonin
You call yourself a rappin jack, but sound more like hack looney tunin
Please leave that clap trap at home if you ride to the 'nap in June and
don't try to deny that the numer of times I defeat you with rhymes is gonna keep balloonin

You right there's somethin funky with your trunk but it ain't your junk that's got people starin'
Maybe your I Can't Believe It's Not Butt'r is as used as that skinsuit you wearin'
That stench has the weak faintin--not swoonin'--and even my eyes are tearin'
Time to breakaway like Jeannie Longo, cuz lord knows that funk ain't worth bearin'

Oh, and one more thing about you tryin to raise a fuss
You think you clever cuz you namecheck Sisyphus?
Ice ain't no more clever than Fudgie the Whale and his homeboy Cookie Puss
Keep crackin like that and I'm have to take you to skool on the short bus

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