Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Let’s see - If I recall, the rats is in yo wack metropolis
I believe they call it Charm but my guess is they coul’nt think up a synonym for bad rap-opolis
and before you dis Sisyphus, remember who was the sissy first
back when my lines ‘bout plein air PJs left you sayin stop, it hurts

my skills’ll roast you like Laurent Fignon, I’m always the first to be done racin
I dine on filet mignon while you fumble for your empty bidon at the back of the peloton, chasin
aw snap – and the closest you get to the Tour, or anything de France
is eyein the cornichon in TWs off-brand French underpants

my rhymes leave ya perplexed like a Rubix Cube
while you tryin to post your C-grade “rap video” on YouTube
yo rhymes so tired they smell like must
or is it B’s favorite pheromone they call E-Z Lust?


lala_lisa said...

you did not just talk about the cornichon in the TWs of TW guy. oh lord.

Britney Gears said...

That's what I said. This post pretty much ruined cornichons for me.