Thursday, June 19, 2008

You know you love hearin me rap, jack
Why else you keep answerin back with all your triflin yakkity yak?
You'd be pinchin my jams even if they was on 8-track--
either that or you like the look of my rack (and can't nobody fault you for that)

Ice, you more like Sprout than any big green hulking beast
B's the one who piloted the Green Giant through its first Ride for the Feast
And what's worse--your skinsuit ain't just used, it's leased
I hope before you put it on you had that $hit degreased

And yeah, you right I know that below these killer quads are the Queen B's knees
so quick drop to yours and serve me up a stinger, please
'cuz a second-rate soigneur is all your a$$ is qualified to be--
at least until the guy retires who cleans the SAG wagon windows with a rusty squeegee

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