Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dreamin? It’s already been seen that all you wack crackas is schemin
to take what Ice rightly won in this battle, all I hear is “me me me” an’
all I hear is bad lyrics gettin indescribably worse, while all I see is
you still tryin to play I Spy with Dub’s diaper-clad knockwurst

while you think it funny to suggest I got somethin for the man in one white garment
it’s cause he a parody of hisself that I always take pot shots at that varmint
you think you the bee's knees but you two like peas in a pod to my Jolly Green Giant
crushin you like fleas with ease when you tryin hard to be defiant

and I take back what I said about you playin wit’ ya Cube, hizzle
I know it musta been a Rubik Snake, ‘cause that wasn’t even a puzzle for rizzle
I’ll admit you almost got me with your line ‘bout moldin clay with that T fellow

if you admit you the one they sculpted in Lionel Richie’s video for “Hello”

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