Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ice is like a skeleton, always crawlin out ya closet
steppin to the mic as you flee like white flight while I boss hoss it
you whinin like Ricardo Ricco in the 2008 Giro -
hatin on the leader in this rap spectacle when I should be your hero

again, your lack of attention to nuance confounds me –
if you re-read my last rhyme you’ll see that the first first rhymed with wurst,
which then rhymed with the second first, creatin a wurst sandwich – a TW manwich -
which you should know since it’s a daily staple in the diet that surrounds Queen B

so before you waste any more breath on my output
I’m back in black, skin tight in my XS goth time trial outfit
ready to rumble on two wheels - or two turntables, that’s why they call me MC

so stop, drop and roll over - you might as well go clean my bike stables, or audition for PCD

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