Friday, July 11, 2008

Yeah, I'll stop drop and roll cause you know I'm on fire
"Sucka emcees will call me..." nah, it ain't that dire
that I need help from Run and Darryl to fuel this pyre
B can ride and rap all night--never tire

You a little too proud of rhyming the same words again and again
I keep wonderin, am I reading forward or back where I already been?
You think you genius cuz you found a rhyme for "Dutch"
But there must 50 ways to rhyme that joint (Simon sez "...don't need to discuss much...")

The real joke is Ice sayin he make the ladies holla "Poe Hee" with glee
I refer you back to my
discovery that Ice be kinda like R. Kelly
Truth must be he tellin the ladies to "Pee, Ho!"
makin them run, screamin "Hell no, we gotta go!"

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