Friday, July 11, 2008

My lyrics is smoove like Crisco,
make the ladies move more than disco
I know my microphone freestylin is why I’m hated so
yo rhymes? Yes you be tryin, but they about as dated as Harrison Ford in Kid Frisco

Make ya crash like Alejandro Valverde,
Make ya wish your chest had hair, hey
‘cause I’m the rappa with the funk and the mean slam dunk
while yo lines clunk along like Rosie O’ D’s badunkadunk

slowin you down like Dunkin Donuts – or should I call ‘em ho-nuts
MCs swervin left and right to avoid all a yo ruts
so the next time you try to attack this licensed ill spilla
check the gas in your tank ‘cause I’m pretty sure it’s pure ‘nilla…

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