Monday, July 14, 2008

Sheeit, hata - I been freestylin as long as the Dice Man been defilin
suckas like you for all they white lyin and prissy nail filin
you and your 1-900-LUV-TDUB dialin - try as you might to diss the phatness of my bacon fryin,
you about as hardcore as the Hamptons on Long Island

darin to wear my undersized superman booty suit
barin my derriere I defy B. Gears’ attempts to take the race loot
while she ponder Mr. Huxtable’s pudding
and I win the stage as her results continue to lose footing

the only thing criminal ‘bout my rappin is my intent
to win in this battle while B downloadin 50 Cent
you can have me arrested for that if you want
or come up with somethin worthy of more than
Comic Sans font

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