Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fool, you the comic--sans jokes--in this here show
U think a name is all u need to take the mic and rock the show
by blowin rhymes that bring the heat like the winds of El Nino
but your name prove nothin but that you frontin like you can flow

So check the Cheltenham decks on that paper stuffed under your jersey
and you'll see all the news that's fit to print about your girl Queen B
about how I emerged from this rap battle wrapped up in a victory
It say my lyrics is so fresh they making storytelling history

And what a surprise that you have TDub's digits
That fool tried to slip 'em to me in a note but I pitched it
Guess you like the way he look when he fidget
on his saddle in his tight bright white BVD kit

PS, barin your derriere? Ice, are you outta your mind?
We all be goin à bloc to keep from spending time behind your unzipped behind
crossin the finish line in record time lest we go blind
So keep it all inside where it belongs, please, be kind

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