Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Shoutout for my man Big G!

Its true that da Schlex keep it real in the yellow
But Andy too young, and Frank one skinny-assed fellow
I think that the yellow lookin better on Cadel
That Aussie's legs are hotter than all the fires of hell
So not to cut him down like some mad Lorena Bobbit
But I'm pretty sure Cadel is at least half hobbit!
Punk-ass Ricco blows the whole peloton
He should have the strength for it, all the EPO he's on
I gotta give props to cute Christian VDV
He can get a girl going when he rock the HC
But even though Bobke say that Christian's a contender
There's only one in the pack sending me on a bender
After years watching Lance sailing by in a blur
My man Hincapie deserves his own soigneur
After seeing him in the lead up that crazy alpine peak
Big George can count on me to be his loyal domestique
Poor Ice will never have the skillz to rival Hincapie -
George can always count on me for an ending that's happy!
But Ice best go shopping for a watch on E-Bay
Cuz the podium girls won't give him the time of day...

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